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Company Profile

         Henan Hengsheng coating equipment factory was founded in 2008, is specialized in the electrostatic generator, high-voltage module, circuit board, spraying machine, spraying equipment, electrostatic generator, electrostatic spray gun, spray equipment R & D, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, maintenance in one of the high-tech enterprise. More than ten years dedicated to improve technology, product performance and the overall strength of the company, the company has a skilled and experienced R & D team and production and installation team, from a professional point of view and quality services for all areas of the customers provide the best programmes, to meet the different needs of customers, won the majority of customers continue to be sure.

Company focusing on the development of high technology of electrostatic spraying equipment and transportation equipment, in market share and quality in the domestic leading position, the success of products used in home appliances, hardware products, electronic equipment, communications equipment, instruments and meters, automobile manufacturing, electronic information industry, motorcycle, aluminum, furniture, toys, household appliances, cooking utensils, sporting goods, various industries hardware and plastic industry, Hengsheng coating is willing to work with domestic and foreign customers and the community sincere cooperation, create brilliant.

The main products are:

Electrostatic powder spraying machine, built-in high-voltage electrostatic generator, electrostatic powder spray gun, high pressure module circuit board, painting, powder pump, ( Venturi ) for the powder barrels, automatic reciprocating machines, automatic recovery system, electrostatic hybrid control cabinet, liquid electrostatic generator, to set up all kinds of coating production line


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Working time

Monday to Sunday

9:00 - 23:00

Online customer

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